Perpetual Journal: September 23


Day trip to the “Everett Everglades”

View across Snohomish River from Langus Riverfront Park

When my friend Bonnie invited me to an outing in the “Everett Everglades,” I happily accepted.  I had never heard of this place, but Everett is just 30 miles north of Seattle, and I am always open to exploring new (to me) destinations.  The “Everett Everglades” is what the locals call Langus Riverfront Park.  It’s a lovely natural area along the Snohomish River, with a paved trail, benches, picnic tables, a shelter and bathrooms. Bonnie and I intended to paint, but we ended up chatting and catching up on our summer news instead.  That’s what happens when it’s been too long between visits!

I did make one painting from one of my photos when I got home later that afternoon.  A fine ending to a fun day.

My watercolor painting of the Everett Everglades


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