Seattle Day Trip: The Amazon Spheres

The Spheres on the amazon campus, Seattle
Living fern wall inside the Spheres

I went on a little adventure in downtown Seattle this morning — an exploration of a new architectural wonder, the Spheres.  These three conjoined structures are located on the campus of retail giant Amazon.  Newly opened in January of this year, they are a work space for employees of the company, providing lots of convivial gathering spots and seating in a multi-level, glass conservatory-like atmosphere.  The company allows the general public to visit the Spheres on certain Saturdays.  Advance tickets are required, but there is no cost.

I loved this space!  The diversity of greens, plants, and foliage was amazing.  I could have spent the day comfortably reading a book or visiting with friends in any number of seating spaces — there were rocking chairs and rattan chairs and lounge chairs and metal chairs, small tables and couches.  You could buy a cup of coffee and a doughnut.  Everything was bright and inviting. It was a fun outing.


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