Texas Trip Notes: Old Mexican Charreada

A Day in Old Mexico Charreada

Another official Fiesta San Antonio event we attended was “A Day in Old Mexico Charreada.”  This was an exhibition, similar to a rodeo, which featured events with horses and cattle.  (You can read more about charreadas in this Wikipedia article.)  I did not understand the scoring or competitive points of the events, but I did enjoy immensely the pageantry, color, and skill of these riders.


We arrived early, so I spent a little time wandering around the back lots watching people get ready for the day’s events:




Pre-charreada entertainment, mariachi music and dancers

The event started with a grand entry, Mexican and US flags, and the singing of both nations’ national anthems.  It was a touching tribute to the friendship between our two nations, I thought.



This event was an exhibition, giving the audience a taste of some of the parts of a truly competitive charreada.  The men demonstrated their skill in controlling horses and cattle, roping, and riding.  I particularly enjoyed the women’s (girls and women) precision equestrian events, the choreographed movements of the horses, the patterns, and the colorful and beautiful outfits.  Here are some photos of the day:




Aspiring equestrian in the audience










3 thoughts on “Texas Trip Notes: Old Mexican Charreada

  1. I nearly missed out on all this, not having set up my subscription. You might want to do a final post on your original blog with a link to an email widget for subscribing to the new one. Also, your vertical images on this page are so big I can’t see the whole photo — I have to scroll down them. Your photos are always so beautifully composed that it’s a shame not to see them in their entirety.

    I am still amazed at how you find the time to paint and write and read (among all those other things both professional and domestic!). I often hesitate when I pick up a novel, asking myself if I’m avoiding painting. I enjoy both but I’m not a fast reader and judging by your reading lists, you have to be a speed reader.

    These are great posts, Rosemary, and I’m so glad you’ve found a solution to your blog dilemma.


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